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The mission of Magallanes Wellness Information Center (MWIC) is to promote preventive health. It does this by providing science-based and practical information in its blog and social media posts, which reference reputable and trustworthy sources.

MWIC also makes available on this website high-quality, lab-evaluated, clinically tested products manufactured by the Shaklee Corporation for optimal wellness.

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: This website contains links, some of which are affiliate links. Any product purchases that you make through their corresponding links on this website may result in a small commission paid to me at no cost to you. For a detailed breakdown and explanation of the commissions that are paid to me, you are welcome to visit the Commission Disclosure page.

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shaklee product of the month

Imagine feeling healthier every day. Vitalizer provides advanced nutrition with a full spectrum of clinically supported vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and more in one convenient Vita-Strip®. With a patented delivery system specially designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients in the body.

Vitalizer Women is also excellent as a prenatal/postnatal multivitamin.

Feel better in 30 days or your money back.

To save money on your product orders, see below!

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Saving Money
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how to order and get free shipping (plus other discounts!)

There are several ways you can save money when you purchase Shaklee products. For example, there are membership discounts, loyalty discounts, monthly promotions, and other special offers. As a result, it is quite easy to get free shipping (and beyond!) with your order.

To find out all the different ways that you can save money on Shaklee products, simply fill in and send your name and email with the form below.

You will be directed to a page on this website with information on all the ways you can save money on Shaklee products. You will see links to more detailed information, explanations, and a video that explains how to receive free products with Shaklee’s Loyalty Rewards program!

Also, you will be placed on an email list to receive regular updates (usually about one per week) on Shaklee products, promotions, discounts, and offers.

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the shaklee difference

Shaklee products undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia. Shaklee products are backed by 100+ published scientific papers and are guaranteed with a 100% money-back guarantee—no questions asked.

the future of wellness

Shaklee is a company – a philosophy, a lifestyle – that was built for the future. It is 65 years in the making.

The future of your wellness starts today. Your physical health, your emotional health, your financial health, and the health of your environment.

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