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Welcome to My Website!

I’m a highly educated freelance writer who can help you with your writing and editing needs, whether that be writing content, translation (English/Spanish) or proofreading.

If you are seeking to impress your readers or clients with writing that is engaging, precise, articulate, accurate, and technically sound, then I invite you to contact me. Importantly, my writing has been known to inspire, motivate, and educate readers. My college students in the past have known me to be “meticulous”—but “a nice man”!

Check out my blog posts and portfolio. You may want to consider hiring me for:

Should you have any work proposals or if you simply have any questions, feel free to reach out and get in touch with me.
David N Magallanes
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Why Hire A Freelance Writer?

Lab worker and writer

Background and Experience

Freelance writers are not employees. For that reason, they seek out work that interests them and assignments to which they feel they can contribute something. Also, they have diverse backgrounds and skills that are the result of having worked in different industries and organizations, sometimes over many years. Therefore, given a chance to work for you, they bring unique perspectives and enthusiasm. You can harness those qualities to enhance your productivity.

Direct communication with wire, tin cans, important for freelance writers

Direct Line of Communication

One of the many benefits of hiring freelance writers is your ability to have direct communication with them. For example, the project requirements are communicated directly to the writer. As a result, delays are minimized and changes in scope or direction can be made quickly. Responses can normally be expected within a relatively short time—sometimes within minutes, or even seconds!

Coins in jar to indicate monetary savings

Monetary Savings

Freelance writers typically wish to build a relationship with a business that needs writers. Subsequently, they often trip over themselves to give you a good impression of their work. Likewise, they typically go “over and above” to ensure your approval of their work. Above all, it’s mutually beneficial if you can both establish a mutually rewarding work relationship that grows stronger over time. The outcome for the business is a stronger bottom line. It’s highly beneficial for businesses to avoid depending on the costly process of hiring temporary employees. However, work overloads and the temporary need for writers in specialized areas of expertise can be costly for businesses. On the other hand, they can take advantage of the many benefits of hiring freelance writers.

Businessman needing help from a freelance writer

A Reliable Source of Help

Freelance writers are, by nature, flexible and accommodating. For example, overworked employees may not be able to shuffle things around their calendars or simply work longer hours when they’re tapped on the shoulder for an urgent project. On the other hand, freelance writers typically have the freedom to do these things. In short, freelance writers can serve as reliable partners with your business. Most importantly, with a stable of reliable writing professionals on your contact list, you are likely to fulfill the requirements of a writing project quickly and dependably.

Man, woman in professional setting showing how freelance writers can help

Freelance Writers Often Have Skills Besides Writing

You may want to check the résumés of the freelance writers that you are considering. Similarly, you might even want to check those of writers you are already using in your business. This is because writers often have impressive credentials, including college degrees, and certificates of training. Moreover, they likely possess a depth of experience that can contribute to your business in meaningful and profitable ways. Some of them may have experience in fields you may not even suspect, such as in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Others may excel in proofreading, either generally or in specific fields such as medicine, law, or academics.

Google SEO is important for freelance writers to know

Freelance Writers Do More Than Just Write Content

Freelance writers often have experience that allows them to help businesses rank highly in search engine results (Google, Bing, etc.). For instance, they may know how to tune SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in favor of your business. To do this, they would know how to manipulate keywords, word counts, sentence structures, images and a host of other measures for solid ranking.

In addition, they often also have marketing background to help you hook your readers and keep them engaged. With this kind of service, you are able to nurture loyal customers. Though a bit more costly, investing in a freelance writer is far more effective than paying for cheap content from a “content mill.” Those agencies normally pay relatively inexperienced writers a small fraction of what they’re worth. Here is an excellent article explaining the benefits of hiring a freelance writer.

Business relationships

You’re Never Just a Line on the Spreadsheet

Just like companies that engage in social media marketing, freelance writers strive to build and maintain relationships. Working connections are the lifeblood of a freelancer’s business and are therefore highly valued and greatly appreciated. But your business is not simply another line on the spreadsheet. Rather, it is a living entity that writers on your contact list sincerely want to help.

Freelance writer at laptop

In summary, freelance writers are passionate about helping your business to thrive with quality written content, search engine optimization, and doing what it takes to engage your prospects and clients. Moreover, when you team-up with professional freelance writers, they bring their experience and dedication to your endeavors and feel a personal responsibility and commitment to help you succeed.

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