/ Proofreading
Proofreading: spelling, grammar, accuracy

What Is Proofreading?

Soon there will be a blog post here to answer this question! ...
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/ Miscellaneous
La Bamba folklorico dance

“La Bamba”: A New Musical Era

Many of us of Latino/Chicano heritage grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll radio in the late 1950s. As a ...
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/ Your Own Writing Business
Laptop with dollar symbol in screen representing affiliate marketing.

What is Network Affiliate Marketing for Writers?

Network affiliate marketing for writers is a means by which writers can use their skills to operate profitably as freelancers ...
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/ Miscellaneous
Jewish girl in front of Torah at her bat mitzvah

The Bat Mitzvah

My parents raised me and my siblings in a highly traditional Mexican Catholic home. All of my grandparents were staunch ...
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/ Health, Wellness, and Fitness
Vegetables with nutrition list as part of personalized nutrition plan

What Is Personalized Nutrition?

Why Personalized Nutrition Is Important By necessity, the standard nutritional support recommendations tend to be generic; there's nothing "personalized" in ...
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