Commission Disclosure

The purpose of this page is to generally explain the amount of commission that Shaklee Corporation pays me for product sales. The volume of my product sales in a given month results from:

  1. Product purchases made on this website
  2. Orders for products directly from Shaklee that are made by Members (customers) and Ambassadors (distributors) within my organization.

Each product sold by Shaklee is associated with a nonmonetary “Point Value” (PV) figure. How that number relates to the price of the product depends on the weight of the product, but a product’s PV is less than the price of the product. Shaklee uses these PV figures to determine the monthly commission due to the Ambassador (distributor), of which I am one.

For example, the multivitamin “Vitalizer” has a Member Price of $86.45, but its PV is 56.50. My commission is determined by the accumulated PV for all products purchased on this website and by my Personal Group (existing customers) in a given month.

The table below describes the relationship between the sum of the PVs of products sold by me in a given month and the commission that Shaklee pays me (expressed as a percentage of the accumulated PV):

Personal Group Volume (PV)Commission
Below 2500%

Here are a couple of examples:

Suppose I’m just starting my business and my Personal Group Volume (PGV) for a given month (the sum of all the PVs of the products) was 520. My commission would be 8% of 520, which is $41.60, less any commissions that I may have to pay to Ambassadors in my group for their sales (this is handled by Shaklee and is simply deducted from my commission).

As my business begins to grow, it’s entirely conceivable that my PGV for the month could be, let’s say, 6580. Then my commission would be 20% of 6580, or $1,316, less any commissions that are deducted to pay Ambassadors in my group who have a monthly sales volume greater than 250 PV.

Suppose an Ambassador in my group becomes an independent “Director” (minimum monthly PV of 2000). This Director perhaps even helps others in his or her group to likewise become independent Directors. Then the earnings potential for me, the “original Ambassador/Director,” grows considerably. How Shaklee pays me in this scenario is a bit complex.

However, my commissions are not reduced to pay other Directors in my organization. Those Directors are considered to be at the head of their own “independent companies.” I likewise have my own “independent company” as a Director of my group of consumers of Shaklee products. Shaklee pays these Directors in my organization according to their sales volume just as Shaklee pays me according to my sales volume.

The Shaklee Dream Plan Rewards and Requirements Chart explains the commissions, in all their complexity, that are paid to Ambassador Directors. As part of Shaklee’s effort to provide full disclosure, this chart also divulges the average earnings of all the ranks in the Shaklee hierarchy.