Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

It is difficult to quote a “standard” rate for writing or proofreading services. Much depends on several different factors, such as:

1) the type of material;
2) the depth of the material;
3) the number and type of images that might be required;
4) the amount of formatting and depth of editing required;
5) the amount of research required;
6) other particular requests.

Of course, before any work begins, we would arrive at an understanding of the rate you will be paying for a particular project.

How can we meet to discuss my project?

If you are local to me here in California (Oxnard, Ventura, or Camarillo), then we can possibly arrange to meet locally (at a coffee shop, for example). If you are a bit further out (such as in Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara County, or Los Angeles County), then I charge for time and travel costs. But we can also very conveniently meet via Zoom or some other video method.

How do I pay for your services?

I can send an email to invoice you for partial or full payment, depending on how our arrangement works out. You may use a credit card or arrange for a direct transfer of funds from your bank to mine.

If I were to submit a request for writing content or proofreading, how long will it take to receive the work?

That depends on several factors. First, we would agree on a due date. If there is a long timeline, I will keep you posted with updates. I may very well have questions along the way. If there is a change of scope, we will discuss the change and arrive at an understanding before work proceeds. Generally, higher rates would apply to requests with short timelines.

How does proofreading work? Do I need to send paper to you?

No, I proofread documents that are in Microsoft Word or PDF format. I can accept papers from anywhere in the world. We can communicate via email or phone if I have any questions regarding your document. When I am finished proofreading, I will send three versions of the document back to you: the original, the marked-up copy, and the “clean” (corrected) copy with no markups. You will have a chance to review all my corrections, suggestions, and any questions for you on the paper. When we are finished, I will send an invoice for the price that we agreed upon. If it is a very large project, I may request some payment up front.