How to Save Big Money on Shaklee Purchases

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Instant Savings with Shaklee Membership

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The best way for you to start saving money on purchases of Shaklee products is to become a Shaklee Member. Being a Member saves you an immediate 15% on the purchase price of Shaklee products. There is free shipping for orders over $150 and a flat rate of $8.99 for orders up to $149.99.

Membership Perks Summary: 15% discount, free and flat rate shipping, access to Loyalty Rewards
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With Shaklee membership, even some orders less than $149.99 can be considered to have “free shipping.” For example, let’s say that we submit an order for products that are worth $56.67. A 15% membership discount on the full retail price reduces the price for us to $48.17. As a Shaklee Member, we will have saved $8.50, which is the cost of shipping! In effect, we will have been granted “free shipping” for this order.

How to Become a Shaklee Member

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A Shaklee web page, Generation Health – A Wellness Movement with Benefits, explains the three ways to become a Shaklee Member:

  1. Pay a one-time fee of $19.95 with your Shaklee order by adding “Membership, Item #59710” to your Shaklee order shopping cart. Occasionally there are promotions that offer “free membership” with a minimum order. Since you have filled out the information form to arrive at this page, you will automatically be notified whenever that promotion takes place.
  2. Spend a minimum of $150 on a product order and instantly unlock Free Shipping, Free Membership, and all Member perks.
  3. Spend $179 for a “Ready, Set, Wellness” bundle. With this option, you are given several exciting choices that allow you to either a) personalize your supplement program based on an assessment that you are given, or b) choose a “Vitalizer Option,” which gives you a choice of multivitamin programs that depend on your gender, age, and other considerations. In addition, you can choose among several different delicious flavors for two Shaklee Life Shakes. Finally, you can select one “booster” (which sounds like you are in a juice bar that offers “boosters” for your drinks!).

More Savings: Loyalty Rewards

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Think about when you go to your local, favorite grocery store with your “rewards card.” You often receive discount coupons, possibly in the mail, to use with your purchases.

Also, you are eligible for deep discounts on certain items. This is how grocery chains express their gratitude to you for being a loyal shopper.

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Shaklee Loyalty Rewards are very similar. You may see the detailed rules for these rewards here. But let’s look at a brief rundown of these generous rewards.

As a Shaklee Member, when your order qualifies for Loyalty Rewards (see rule details), you are awarded 15% of the purchase price in points; every Loyalty Point is worth $1, applicable to a subsequent order.

Those Loyalty Points are worth money! You can use them to order some of your favorite products for $0.00 on your orders for Shaklee products. In other words, you are rewarded for your loyalty with free products.

Here is a brief video that shows how Loyalty Rewards can be applied to a Shaklee order: