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Non-Toxic Cleaning Products — Help Save the Earth!

It may surprise us to learn just how much non-toxic cleaning products can help us save our health. In fact, we can save not only our health but that of the Earth as well. First, though, let’s find out just what “toxic” and “non-toxic” home cleaning products are.

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Toxic Cleaning Products

Toxic cleaning product in a test tube.
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There is an impressive organization known as Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE). WVE strives to educate the public about the terrifying dangers of toxic cleaning products. One of their reports is “Beyond the Label: Health Impacts of Harmful Ingredients in Cleaning Products.” It lays out the challenges we face as consumers who depend on cleaning products for keeping our homes clean.

The WVE site includes several fascinating videos about the dangers of chemicals in our environment.

Manufacturers may promote and label their products as “non-toxic,” but the government does not clearly define the term. Nor does it tightly regulate it. As a result, we cannot expect “non-toxic” cleaners to be harmless. In fact, there are loads of toxins in the cleaners that many of us have been using all our lives.

Labels on cleaning products such as “green,” “organic,” “toxin-free,” “safe,” and “eco-friendly” are common. However, they are likewise fuzzily meaningful and do not in fact guarantee our health by any means.

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Fragrance and Other Chemicals

Cleaning product with fragrance emitted from spray can.

Fragrances in cleaning products are problematic. Indeed, we see something of great concern in the report. Whereas certain fragrance chemicals are banned in the European Union, they are widely used in the U.S. Indeed, they are skin allergens and “reproductive toxins” (that’s “no bueno” for babies).

Researchers find these toxic chemicals in common, everyday household items such as laundry products, multipurpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and air fresheners. To add insult to injury, these fragrance chemicals in the cleaning products that we buy contribute nothing to their cleaning power. The fragrance chemicals are, therefore, “useless.”

The report likewise lists several other toxic chemicals found in cleaning products used in the United States. Alarmingly, for each chemical, it answers the question, “Where do we find it?”

The answers will keep you awake at night until you do something about it.

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A Matter of Social Justice

Woman with protective gloves cleaning an office.
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The WVE report gives much food for thought. We men, especially, may not have previously given any thought to one of the most compelling arguments that appear in this report.

WVE correctly asserts that those who use cleaners with these toxic chemicals are primarily women. And these are primarily low-income women of color. Women use these dangerous products in their homes, where they live with their families. In addition, they may also use them routinely in the course of their work in other people’s homes or places of work.

Clearly, then, we have some serious issues in the U.S. regarding cleaning products. For this reason, we must consider alternatives, which are available.

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Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Non-toxic cleaning product pouring into a beaker.
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In the 1960s and ’70s, there was a growing awareness that our environment was becoming increasingly toxic. Consequently, some individuals decided to take action. In January 1970, a former federal prosecutor and Wall Street attorney, John Adams, took an important step. Along with other litigators, he established the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). According to its mission statement, the NRDC works to safeguard the earth. The “earth” includes its people, plants, animals, and natural systems, such as our waterways.

Among other things, the NRDC works to ensure our right to clean water. And having clean water depends to a great extent on our use of toxin-free cleaning products. In addition, minimizing the amount of plastic-free packaging is a critical component of maintaining an eco-friendly environment.

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A Source for Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Woman holding bag of non-toxic cleaning products.

One of the companies that very closely aligns with the mission of the NRDC is the Shaklee Corporation. Shaklee is a prestigious nutrition and “green” company based in Pleasanton, California. On its website, Shaklee states that it was “Eco-friendly before it (eco-friendliness) was a thing.”

Furthermore, Dr. Shaklee, who founded Shaklee Corporation, insisted that Shaklee be “rooted in nature.” His vision was that Shaklee would do everything in its power to protect nature. This would include holding the company to the highest environmental standards.

For example, part of that effort is totally offsetting its C02 emissions. Shaklee strives to make sure that its impact on the environment is a “solid net zero.”

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Shaklee was one of the very first companies to introduce a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning product for the home. “Basic-H2®” is eco-friendly, in the truest sense of the word, and is highly concentrated.

“Concentrated” does not mean “dangerous,” although often it means just that. Here, however, “concentrated” means that to create a highly effective cleaning product, you need to mix relatively little of the concentrate with water.

Also, you can mix the Basic-H2® concentrate with water using different ratios. The ratio of concentrate to water that you use depends on the purpose of the cleaner you wish to create.

For example, Shaklee sells a set of three special 16-oz spray bottles for three different types of typical household cleaners. To get an idea of all the different cleaning jobs you can do with Basic-H2®, see its product label (also shown below). On this label, you can read the mixing directions for the different concentrations required to carry out your various cleaning jobs.

Label for Shaklee's Basic-H2, a non-toxic cleaning product.
Shaklee Corporation

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Saving the Earth with Less Plastic

Bulldozer moving piles of plastic in landfill.
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The earth is choking with the horrendous amount of plastic that we dispose of into the environment. Accordingly, plastic clogs our landfills and generates untold suffering for us, the birds, and life in the ocean. Additionally, microplastics find their way into every nook and cranny of our land and oceans. Most alarming is that they even find their way into our food and bloodstream.

If we truly wish to sustain life in the biosphere, we are going to have to address the “plastic problem.” We are choking on plastic, and we must find ways to reduce its impact.

One way to do that is to use concentrated cleaners, such as Shaklee’s Basic-H2®. When you use Basic-H2®, you have no need to buy new plastic bottles every couple of weeks at the grocery store for every spray cleaner that you need. Rather, you are using only three plastic bottles, over and over again, possibly for years.

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Features of the Basic-H2® Non-Toxic Cleaning Product

One 16-ounce bottle of Basic-H2® allows you to make 48 gallons of powerful, all-purpose cleaner. Still, the viscous (thick) liquid in a bottle of Basic-H2® from Shaklee does not harm the skin. In fact, people have been known to shampoo their hair with straight Basic-H2® (this is not necessarily recommended)!

Fortunately for us, Basic-H2® is fragrance-free. As was stated earlier, there is no need for fragrance, which is often introduced in cleaners as a toxic chemical. Basic H2® is safe, powerful, and green.

Basic-H2®, the Ideal Multipurpose Non-Toxic Cleaning Product

Basic-H2® deserves the label “multipurpose.” After all, according to Shaklee’s website, Basic-H2® removes dirt, grease, and grime from any washable surface indoors or outdoors.

These surfaces include the following:

  • Walls
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Sealed countertops, tiles, and floors
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Other appliances
  • Sealed woodwork
  • Pots and pans
  • Furniture
  • Driveways and engine grease
  • Barbecue grill

No, we really don’t need a different cleaner for each one! One bottle of Shaklee’s Basic-H2®, mixed in different concentrations, will cover all of our cleaning needs for a long time!

Here is a brief video summarizing the benefits of Shaklee Basic-H2®:

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What’s in This Non-Toxic Cleaning Product?

Bottle of Basic-H, a non-toxic cleaning product from Shaklee.
Shaklee Corporation

The information provided by Shaklee regarding the safety of Basic-H2® is easily accessible at the bottom of its product page. By expanding the section titled Safe, Proven, Guaranteed – The Shaklee Difference®, you can clearly see why this cleaner is considered to be a non-toxic cleaning product.

There are no toxic fumes or hazardous chemicals, as is often the case with other cleaning products. Below you can see the list of ingredients of this truly safe, effective cleaner. Notice the “biodegradable” and “gentle to the skin” features of Basic-H2®:

List of ingredients in Basic-H2 non-toxic cleaning product.
Shaklee Corporation

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Using This Non-Toxic Cleaning Product Makes Economic “Cents”

Woman saving money in a piggy bank.
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The Cost of a General Purpose Non-Toxic Cleaning Product

An extremely attractive advantage of using the highly versatile Shaklee Basic-H2® non-toxic cleaning product is the economic savings. And this is on top of the reduction of plastic waste discussed earlier.

Let’s compare the cost of using Basic-H2® as a “General Purpose Cleaner” vs. a commonly purchased product you might find at the grocery store.

The product label for Basic-H2® tells us what to do. We need to mix 14 teaspoon of the Basic-H2® concentrate with 16 fl. oz. of water. We can easily create this mixture in a spray bottle.

One of the more popular all-purpose cleaners from a particular grocery store has a strong “lemon breeze” scent. This sounds “nice,” but refer back to the above warnings about fragrances in cleaners.

Of course, you will want to avoid inhaling the cleaner as you spray.

Woman with face mask holding bucket full of cleaning products.
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And you certainly don’t want your children near this product as it’s being sprayed on home surfaces!

How Shaklee’s Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Save You Money

Families routinely purchase this general-purpose cleaner for use in the home. We can find it on the website of a popular and well-known retailer. As of June 2023, the cost is $5.49 for a 32-fl. oz. spray bottle. This translates to about $2.75, proportionately, for 16 fl. oz. of this cleaner. It is not concentrated.

However, recalling our high school math, let’s say we did a bit of unit-conversion math with proportions. Surprisingly, mixing 14 teaspoon of the Basic-H2® concentrate with 16 fl. oz. of water in a reusable spray bottle is far less expensive. As a matter of fact, it’s only about 3.5¢.

The cost of the Basic-H2® concentrate in 16 fl. oz. of water is astoundingly low. It’s approximately a jaw-dropping 1.3% of the cost of the equivalent-size commercial cleaner!

But let’s consider this from another perspective. The commercial cleaner costs, proportionately, about the same as 78 of the 16-fl. oz. spray bottles of the Basic-H2® concentrate! This excludes the cost of the spray bottle itself, which would be about $3.00. However, keep in mind that the Shaklee General Purpose Cleaner spray bottle can be reused indefinitely. This by itself allows you to achieve great savings!

The Cost of a Non-Toxic Cleaning Product for Windows and Mirrors

Let’s now compare the cost of using Basic-H2® as a cleaner for windows and mirrors with an equivalent commercial product. For example, a 23-fl. oz. bottle of a very popular brand of window cleaner costs $4.99 in June 2023.

Proportionately, this is equivalent to approximately $3.47 for 16 fl. oz. of this cleaner.

The Basic-H2®label above tells us how to make a cleaner for windows and mirrors. We only need to mix, at most, two drops of the concentrate in 16 fl. oz. of water!

This costs less than 1¢ for 16 fl. oz. of a non-toxic cleaning product for windows and mirrors. Some estimates indicate that one 16 fl. oz. bottle of Basic-H2® concentrate is equivalent to almost 6,000 bottles of commercial window cleaner!

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Caring for the Planet and Our Pocketbooks

The planet Earth from space.

Using Shaklee’s Basic-H2® is an excellent way to contribute to the effort to save the planet. With its lack of toxicity, it is formulated to work in harmony with nature. Basic-H2® does not pollute land, air, or water.

On the other hand, commonly used toxic commercial cleaners find their way into our groundwater and the entire ecosystem.

Besides the intrinsic safety of using Basic-H2® in the home, you also provide a measure of relief to the earth. You do this by disposing of far less plastic into the environment.

We see the immense economic savings that we enjoy by using a concentrated non-toxic cleaning product. One of the reasons that we benefit so much by purchasing Basic-H2® is that we’re not “paying for the water.”

After all, we can add our own water to the Basic-H2® concentrate!

Having commercial cleaners shipped to retail outlets means hauling large volumes of water over long distances. This contributes to the deterioration of our atmosphere—and our pocketbooks.

Once we learn about and experience the undeniable advantages of using Basic-H2® rather than commercial cleaners, we won’t want to go back. It is very satisfying to know that we can protect our health, our homes, our planet, and our finances by making the right choices.

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Shaklee Membership for Substantial Discounts!

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Just like at some grocery stores, you can save approximately 15% off retail prices on Shaklee products. As you can see on Shaklee’s Membership page, there are three ways to become a Member:

  • A one-time cost of $19.95
  • By spending $150 on your first purchase, you get: 1) free shipping; 2) free Membership; and 3) all Member “perks.”
  • Purchase a “Ready Set Wellness Bundle” for $179 (worth $285) for:
    1) free shipping; 2) free Membership; and 3) 25 bonus Loyalty Points (see below).

On subsequent orders, Shaklee Members have the option of either a flat-rate shipping fee ($8.99) or free shipping on orders over $150.

Shaklee Loyalty Points

In addition to the standard 15% Membership discount, Shaklee offers “Loyalty points” that can be used to earn free products or, in some cases, further discounts. Additionally, the longer you keep up your recurring Loyalty Orders, the more points you earn back on purchases.

For an explanation of the details of the Loyalty Rewards Program, click the “Learn More” button toward the bottom of the Membership page.

Shaklee Ambassadorship

By becoming a Shaklee “Ambassador,” you are given the right to establish a Shaklee distributorship and sell Shaklee products (including, of course, Shaklee’s anti-aging skin care products). For greater income, you may consider training others to build their own distributorships; you have a financial interest in their businesses.

For a look at the exciting details of becoming an entrepreneur in the wellness industry as a Shaklee Ambassador, select the following button:

What Are Some Ideas for Operating a Shaklee Ambassadorship?

Man in home office for business that offers anti-aging skin care for men.
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There are many ways that you can operate your Shaklee Ambassadorship. For instance, you can use the long-time traditional methods involving meetings and talking with people you know—as well as people they know.

Or you might wish to consider the exciting world of online marketing!

Young man at computer for his home business.
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Young woman at computer in her home.
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Engaging in online marketing requires a vast amount of knowledge. But to give you some idea of what this might entail, you may want to see my articles on a Dropship Business Plan and Network Affiliate Marketing.

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