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Your Own Business

Authors need to realize that their books are their business. Many of the same practices and procedures are the same, whether the business is that of a manufacturer, a distributor of products, a service provider, or an author. In this category of blog posts, I will feature articles about conceiving, planning, and implementing your own writing business. These articles will help writers realize their potential as entrepreneurs and masters of the written word.

Health and Fitness

For my writing business, I chose a niche in which to exercise my writing skills: nutrition and health. This niche leads me to a supplier of nutritional health products, as explained in my articles “What Is Affiliate Marketing for Writers?” and “A Dropship Business Plan for Good Writers.” It is this niche around which I chose to build a business. In this category of blog posts, you will see how I construct articles that feature the products I choose to market. You will also see how these articles link to lower-level, more specific articles about various aspects of nutrition and health and corresponding products on my website.

It is extremely important that writers implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their writing, but few writers are well-versed in SEO practices because they generally do not write to attract wide attention on the Internet. Google is like an artificial intelligence machine that scrutinizes our work as writers. It’s important to know how to gain Google’s “blessing” on our work. Only then do we have a chance of earning recognition in people’s search results. Our objective, then, is to learn how to provide the information, products, and services that people are already looking for!


This category of blog posts is, more than anything else, a collection of articles that serves as a showcase of my writing on different topics. It gives me a chance to share these articles on a variety of subjects and post them on social media.

I began my writing business by volunteering to write weekly articles, on any topic I chose, in a local community newsletter (Amigos805). I made sure that these articles were aligned with the values of the newsletter. My writing skills evolved as I pursued this activity for over 10 years, up to the present day.

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