Having a proofreader check your documents, advertising copy, academic papers, letters, blog and social media posts, or any other written content is vitally important!

Having your written content proofread can save you money by allowing you to project a more professional image to your readers. Poorly written copy looks unprofessional and reflects poorly on your brand. Investing a minimal amount to have your written materials proofread by an experienced proofreader can save you embarrassment and dents in your reputation.

I am a graduate of the Proofreading Academy, a comprehensive 40-hour course that teaches students the skills to proofread professionally. I have decades of experience proofing general text and technical papers.

You are invited to check out some of my professional proofreading experience involving two books on poetry (on the Recognition page of this website) that were published in 2016.

On a more technical level, I spent decades proofreading students’ mathematics papers, something for which they were often grateful. However, they were generally not accustomed to the level of scrutiny that I exercised to correct their papers!

Note in my résumé the years of experience I have in technical and academic environments.

Be sure to contact me, using the form below, to inquire about hiring me to help you with your proofreading project(s). We can discuss via email or a phone call.

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