Translation Services

I can help you with your English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations.

In many circumstances, being able to convert written copy from English to Spanish or Spanish to English can considerably help you to:

  • Increase sales
  • Reach more of your customers, business partners or prospects in a language that they understand
  • Provide more extensive service to a bilingual community
  • Comply with laws or recommendations that encourage outreach to Spanish-speaking people
  • Improve your image in the community as someone who cares to communicate with a sector of the population that is important to you

Consider examples of translations of articles and a book that I have accomplished.

Front page of translated ebook.

I have been translating my own weekly articles from English to Spanish for a regional newsletter over the past decade. These articles have been acclaimed by Frank Moraga, the editor of the newsletter and a journalist by profession.

Also, I performed the translation of an entire book that had been written about the life of my grandfather, an artist.

Be sure to contact me, using the form below, to inquire about hiring me to help you with your translation project(s). We can discuss via email or a phone call.

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