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I have an extensive academic and technical background that can serve to help you with your academic and technical writing needs.

Perhaps you need someone to help you write technical documents or other materials, such as:

  • Technical or operating manuals
  • User guides for staff or customers
  • Marketing materials for tech products or services
  • Academic textbooks and supporting materials (answer manuals, instructor guidelines, etc.)

As a matter of fact, with my years of background primarily in engineering and education, I am uniquely suited to help you with your technical and academic documentation needs. Be sure to look at my résumé and credentials in my portfolio.

I have decades of experience in engineering offices and labs, as well as in college mathematics classrooms.

Drawing math diagrams on clear board in academic environment.

During my working years, I have worked both on teams and on my own. Sometimes I traveled to technical work sites. Subsequently, I spent decades in the academic world, teaching college mathematics. Having worked extensively in technical and mathematics environments, writing technically is “natural” for me. As a result, here are ways I can help you with your technical projects:

  • Developing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Recommending changes or ideas

Proofreading for Accuracy and “Flow”

Proofreading for tech documents.

It is particularly important for technical and/or academic papers to be as close to flawless as possible. In fact, the tiniest error, whether typographical or otherwise, will have an impact. That “impact” can vary between negligible to devastating and everywhere in between. Another important aspect of proofreading is checking for the “flow” of the words. For this reason, as a proofreader certified by Proofreading Academy, I am available to proofread your technical and/or academic documents. Additionally, with an extensive background in engineering mathematics, I am able to look for technical errors that might escape your average proofreader.

Be sure to contact me, using the form below, to inquire about hiring me to help you with your academic or technical (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) project(s). We can discuss via email or a phone call.

You may contact David via this form. Please enter your name (at least your first name!), email and your question or message to him. Other fields are optional. David normally responds within 24 hours, often less than that! Your information will never be shared with anyone, you have his word. Thank you for your correspondence.

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